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How Acaboom’s New Analytics Tool Could Help You to Win More Instructions

• By admin-account on August 21st, 2017 •

As soon as a valuation on a property is complete, most estate agents have to play a waiting game. It’s common for potential home-sellers to shop around to ensure that the agent they choose has set both a realistic and fair asking price for their property.

During this waiting time, there’s not a lot an estate agent can traditionally do. While leaving them a glossy brochure or sending the odd follow-up email might help to sway their opinion, there’s no way of telling how much of that information they take in. Until now.

Introducing Acaboom Analytics

Acaboom specialises in creating online client presentations and have recently launched a new analytics tool. It allows estate agents to measure how potential clients interact with their presentation, both in terms of the time they take looking at each individual slide and how often they re-read the content.

This has allowed estate agents to re-think how they re-engage with their customer. Acaboom already sends an alert each time the presentation is opened. This makes it possible for an agent to time a follow-up phone call to coincide with the reader finishing the presentation.

It now also allows an estate agent to see which content is of most interest to readers. If they spend a particularly long time team looking at certain slides, the agent can tweak the template to better promote the messages of most interest to clients.

Research carried out by Acaboom revealed how slides with key information about staff members receive 161 per cent more clicks than average. Other information that readers showed a greater interest in included market overviews, comparable properties and valuation reports.

To see Acaboom’s analytics tool in action, get in touch to request a demo today.