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NEW: Re-assign a presentation/proposal from a staff leaver

• By acaboom-admin on December 8th, 2023 •

In summary:

When a user is deleted (and they have client presentations in their name) a user will need to reassign ownership to another user in the account or someone who has access to the account.


The longer story:

We discovered that the user deletion process and, more specifically, how it impacts client presentations associated with the deleted user was an issue for some agencies.

Previously, when a user was deleted, any client presentations in their name would become unassigned, potentially leading to confusion and disruptions in workflow. We recognised the need to streamline this process and make it more user-friendly.

Our new change solves this.

Now, users are now prompted to reassign ownership of client presentations before they can successfully delete their account. This ensures that the valuable content and data tied to the deleted user are seamlessly transferred to another user within the account or someone with the appropriate access permissions.

The key benefits?

  1. Preservation of data  By prompting users to reassign ownership of client presentations before deletion, we prevent any loss or misplacement of valuable data. This ensures the integrity of your client presentations, maintaining a smooth transition during the user management process.
  2. Enhanced team collaboration The ability to easily reassign ownership fosters collaboration within your team. Team members can seamlessly take over client presentations, ensuring continuity in communication and project execution.
  3. Reduced errors With the change, the risk of unintentional data loss or oversight is significantly reduced.

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