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NEW: Editable ‘meet the team’ slide

• By acaboom-admin on August 2nd, 2023 •

A Meet The Team Slide is a powerful addition to any Acaboom toolkit, designed to enhance your agency’s presentation and captivate potential buyers b showing who you are.

Yet we knew when valuers left an agency or changed job titles, it was hard to make those changes without reaching Acaboom directly.

That’s why we are offering a new dynamic slide which showcases your team members and allows you to present them with their job titles, bios, and images in a visually engaging manner. With the Team Slide, you can now present your team’s expertise and professionalism with style and make changes as you need.

How Does it Work?

To get started, simply add the new slide to your existing template. The pricing for this feature is £75+VAT for a single office, with an additional £10 for each extra office thereafter. Once you’ve added the slide, you’ll need to update the details of each staff member in your Acaboom account. Head over to “My Account > Users,” and ensure you include the name as they want it displayed, their job title, a compelling bio, and an attractive image.

You can choose to do the setup, however we offer an initial setup service as part of the package. We’ll handle the creation, testing, and implementation of the new Team Slide for you. Afterward, you can easily edit and update the slides whenever needed.

At Acaboom, we strive to provide innovative solutions that empower estate agents to thrive in the competitive property market. The Dynamic Meet The Team Slide is just one example of our commitment to your success.