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NEW: Embed a PDF directly into your Acaboom proposal

• By acaboom-admin on February 23rd, 2023 •

You can now upload PDFs directly into your Acaboom proposal.

If you’ve got a document that you want to include in your proposal or as part of a client follow-up – you no longer need to add a separate link or an attachment, risking it being lost in cyberspace or stuck in SPAM.

Now you can embed it directly into your Acaboom proposal, so not only is it safe and sound – but it also gets read.

You might want to include sample prices, testimonials, or the finer details of your premium services for clients to explore in depth.

Whatever you want to share, it’s now easy with Acaboom.

To add your PDF to a current proposal – it’s so easy

  • Navigate to “Client Presentations”
  • Select the property you’re dealing with
  • Click on “Actions”, then navigate to the “Presentation” tab/traffic light
  • Select “Add client document”
  • Click browse, then select the document you wish to upload.
  • Click save, and it will be applied to the slide.

This feature is now live and ready for you to use.

To learn more, contact your account manager today.