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NEW: Priority Prospects shows likelihood of instructing

• By acaboom-admin on February 12th, 2024 •

NEW: Priority Prospects show likelihood of instructing

How can you tell which prospect you should call first and who’s most likely to convert? If you’re still working your way through a report based on your most recent market appraisal, you could benefit from a better approach.

Our brand new feature Priority Prospects uses an algorithm to predict the clients most likely to instruct.

Every client receives a comprehensive score based on their engagement across various Acaboom touchpoints.

Starting from pre-appointment presentations, through interactions with your pricing proposals, agency agreements, and nurturing journey, Priority Prospects provides an intelligent way to pinpoint your next target.

With Priority Prospects, you can trust that Acaboom is diligently analysing and presenting you with a refined target list. Gain the confidence to focus on those prospects who matter most.

“Priority Prospects is significantly optimising our prospecting efforts, highlighting active and motivated potential vendors, allowing us to concentrate our resources on these promising leads.” – Jeffries and Dibbens


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