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New: Referral button now available on Mortgage Calculator

• By acaboom-admin on November 3rd, 2023 •

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a new add-on feature, with a referral button now available for all users with a mortgage calculator in their Acaboom toolkit.

What it is: 

The mortgage calculator has an editable button for referrals so vendors can request to be contacted by a Mortgage Adviser, with these referrals being sent to the email of your choice, as well as logged as an activity in Acaboom.

Why you need it: 

Want to get more ROI from your calculator? This will make it happen! Log the clicks on the button and get emails sent when the client requests a referral.

Notifications your way: 

Responses can be sent to the ‘Account’ emails listed for the account (in account settings) or a third party (this can be set on a ‘My Template’ / Account level.)

Not only this, a note will be added in the activity area of the mortgage enquiry area, and there will soon be the ability to get mobile app notifications.
We’re also adding this as a section the the Daily Opportunity Report, dashboard, and other reports.
Customised look to your brand
The button is super customisable.
  •  The text can be changed
  •  The text colour can be changed
  •  The Background colour of the button can be changed
  •  All text takes on the font of ‘Content’ from Global Styling

Any questions? We’re here to help. 

Contact for anything you’d like to know, or to get your new button set up.