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New reporting enhancements

• By admin-account on January 9th, 2020 •

Few would argue that having clear visibility of what your active clients are doing at any moment in time is hugely important, not least, to ensure that your business achieves the required results and targets are met on time. For this reason alone, reporting features have been an integral part of Acaboom’s portfolio of technology services.

In-account reporting has always been available to provide users with comprehensive visibility in areas including client tenement with presentations and market reports. Supporting this is senior manager reporting which delivers greater transparency across the whole business from a single global view to the option to drill down into individual account data.

In alignment with our commitment to consistent improvement, Acaboom has released a number of significant enhancements to our reporting feature, which includes the following:

The ability to set up account groups. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for businesses which may, for example, want to compare the results of sales or lettings separately. Another useful deployment of this feature would help managers with multi-office responsibility pull up the results of only the offices they are responsible for within the group quickly and easily.

Additional data fields added. Such as won, lost, pending, cancelled, not moving, etc. to show status results in greater detail.

Conversion rates. There are now two measures of conversion rates:

  1. Won = % of won instructions from appointments.
  2. Win Rate = % of won instructions where a decision to market has been made, i.e. comparing won instructions against those won and lost only.

Customised report auto-emailing. This enhancement gives the user the ability to set up any type of report with whichever data they wish to include. Customised reports can then be scheduled for email to a specific person or group of people as frequently as required.