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Use personalised videos to differentiate your agency!

• By on October 7th, 2021 •

Personalised videos are a great way to get someone’s attention. 

Acaboom has long offered the ability for agents to add a personalised valuer video into a proposal after a valuation – but a recent enhancement means now recordings can be made from within the Acaboom app,  with the video added automatically to the presentation!

Click and record and it’s in the presentation with no extra admin. That means you can shoot and add a video in minutes – from your car, their front door or your offices.

If you want to be the agent that stands out, getting on camera and hitting the record button could be that magic moment the clinches the sale.

Not many agents are making the most of this opportunity!

See a video in action! Click to view

We caught up with James Hartland at Bazyos (star of the show above)  who has been using this new feature.

Why does sending a personalised video within an app work so well for you? 

We live and work in a fast-paced world. No sooner have I done one appraisal and it’s time for the next one. Before using the new video recording feature within the Acaboom app, I would go back to the office, record a video, and drop it as a link into a slide. It was still personal, but for me, that added some extra time; now it’s all done immediately on the go.

What do you mention in your videos?

I’ve always believed it’s key to reference any client conversations we have had and stand out comments. Being able to record the video straight after an appointment, and maybe sat in my car outside the property, means all those things about the property and family – for example, kids or pets names – are still very fresh in my mind.

What results are you getting?

The feature is fantastic – anything that allows us as business to deliver exceptional high-quality service to potential clients is going to make us stand out in the market and it’s doing just that. A standard video for me on our agency is good, but it is just not as good as something filmed ‘on location’ on their road or outside with the person they met –  and the feedback I get is great. My clients often comment that no other agent delivered a presentation and how impressed they are. They also comment on the use of video and clearly love it!

How to get videos right: 

Some agents worry about recording, but videos can be shot and reshot over and over, and you can import when you are happy. Here are some other tips.

  • Managers can create a simple script for valuers to follow -which might include an intro (name and the fact they just left the property are always great reminders); some key selling features for the property; a guide price; and reiterating that the full proposal is included, so they can read the suggested marketing strategy being recommended.
  • If you are worried about the look, remember these are better when they are natural.
  • Try using the camera at eye height; with no background sounds (music/roadworks) and a firm place to place the camera.
  • The aim is to achieve some natural but clean results and the most important thing is to be heard!

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