Notifications ensure you call at the right time

Know precisely when to follow up – using just your smartphone, or email.

Notifications mean you are alerted whenever a client is viewing their digital proposal, if they’ve signed their agency agreement, or if they want to discuss anything.

Whether you prefer to use our app and get notifications immediately to your smartphone or get them diverted via email to your team, you won’t miss the opportunity to strike whilst the prospect is hot.

Your next instruction is just a notification away!

On the go updates allow you to update your proposal on the move

Never waste time heading back to the office for small changes, and never lose a hot prospect.

Update your digital proposal on the move – with Acaboom, it’s no problem if a client renegotiates their fee or the contract needs to change.  You can update your digital proposal at any time from the Acaboom app, and the client can easily sign, even on the phone with you at that very moment.

Acaboom reduces wasted time on admin tasks so you can focus on what you do best.


Surveys increase your engagement with clients

Improve your engagement with clients by sending a survey within your digital proposal. 

Provide an opportunity for them to ask questions that might have popped up after you left, gain feedback about the market appraisal or get them to rate your valuation.

With Acaboom, you can ask the right questions, in the best way, at the perfect time.

Daily update reports ensure you're always in the know

Ensure that no opportunity is missed in your busy diary. Daily update reports tell you which clients haven’t read your digital proposal yet so you can proactively call them, or ensure every client has been contacted based on their interactions. You can also get insight through individual, group or branch reports.

It’s the right information you need so there are no missed opportunities – for better conversion rates.

Post appraisal reminders ensure clients engage with their proposal

Maximise your chances of winning the instruction.

Acaboom can remind clients to view their digital proposal if they do not engage the first time around, with a customisable, polite reminder that helps you get the best engagement levels.

By ensuring that clients are engaging with their digital proposal, you enhance your chances of success.

Ever found yourself pondering which prospect should top your call list?

Wondering who’s poised to convert? If you’re still sifting through data from your latest market appraisal, it’s time for a smarter strategy.

Introducing Priority Prospects, a cutting-edge feature harnessing predictive algorithms to identify your most promising clients.

Each prospect receives a comprehensive score derived from their engagement across multiple Acaboom touchpoints.

From initial presentations to interactions with pricing proposals, agency agreements, and nurturing initiatives, Priority Prospects offers a sophisticated method to pinpoint your prime targets.

With Priority Prospects, rest assured that Acaboom is meticulously analyzing and presenting you with a curated list of priorities. Gain the assurance to focus your efforts on those prospects that truly matter.