The ultimate guide to video for estate agents

• By acaboom-admin on June 6th, 2024 •

What videos should you be doing as an estate agent?

We think you need 3!

A pre-appointment ‘meet the valuer’ video to build trust
Make a great first impression by including a pre-recorded meet the valuer video within your pre-appointment presentation.

  • Include details on how long you’ve worked in the area
  • Add some of your stats and successes
  • Share what you’ll cover on the day
  • You’ll build trust and be seen as different from every other agent!

Professional property videos to demonstrate expertise

Showcase your services by sharing video at the appraisal in a digital presentation such as:

  • Client testimonials
  • Meet the team/history/about us
  • 360 tours
  • Property showcases
  • Elevate your pitch to be memorable, professional and engaging – without needing any data or internet connection.

A personalised video in the proposal to reiterate reasons to instruct you

Add a personalised video message to your digital proposal. You can:

  • Thank the client by name and reference specific property details
  • Deliver your valuation verbally
  • Reiterate top USPs
  • Describe the market situation
  • If only one decision maker was present this is an incredibly powerful way to position yourself as a true professional and justify your fee.

Examples of estate agent videos

We add to our gallery constantly, so keep coming back to see more!

Example 1 

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5 

Take a look here

Pre market appraisal video – script tips

Sending a video before the market appraisal is a great way to stand out and build trust.

Clients love to see who they are meeting, which is why Acaboom enables you to include your own personalised valuer video within your pre-appointment presentation.

We know many agents struggle with what to say – to help, please find a range of tips and ideas for your script. Adapt these to your own unique tone and pick and choose what feels most like your agency.

Wondering what to include? Try:

  • Your name
  • Your excitement of coming to view their property
  • How long you’ve been a valuer/ with the agency
  • What to expect on the day
  • How long the appointment will take
  • What they will get from the market appraisal
  • How it fits into the property journey
  • What to do if they need to cancel or have questions

Intro 1: Applicable for any valuer attending 

We are delighted that you have chosen [Your Estate Agency Name] and are looking forward to your upcoming valuation. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you. You’ll be joined by our expert valuer on the day for an appointment that should take around 45 minutes.

At [Your Estate Agency Name], we take immense pride in our rich heritage, as we are one of the oldest and most reputable agencies in the UK. With decades of experience in the real estate market, we have established a strong track record of successful property sales. In fact, the majority of properties listed with us sell within 4 weeks or less! This achievement is a testament to our dedication to our clients.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Intro 2: Meet the valuer – highly personable 

We are thrilled to be your chosen partner for the valuation of your property. Thank you for selecting [Your Estate Agency Name]. I will be valuing your property and I’d like to introduce myself. I have lived and worked in (local area) since (date) and have helped sell hundreds of properties. Outside of work I love (sport or hobby) and I’m (xxxx)

I can’t wait to help you gain valuable insights into your property and provide you with an accurate and up-to-date market assessment.

Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, and we have a proven track record of achieving exceptional results in property sales. Many of our properties are sold within 4 weeks or less, making us a reliable choice for selling your property swiftly and at the best possible price.

See you soon!

Intro 3: Meet the valuer version – short and sweet

Thank you for entrusting [Your Estate Agency Name] with your property valuation. We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to assist you. I will be the valuer joining you and I look forward to helping you see why [Your Estate Agency Name] has a distinguished history of being one of the oldest and most respected agencies in the UK.

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare, I will bring everything with me and you will leave the appointment with a deep understanding of the property market on a local and national level – as well as a clear vision as to how we will get your home on the market.

Best regards.

Intro 4: Meet the valuer – highly personable 

We are thrilled that you have chosen [Your Estate Agency Name] to handle your property valuation.  We will be with you soon- and there’s no need to deep clean or worry! I will be your valuer and I will sit with you and assess the home, but also share how I reach my valuation by including you in the market data insights. It’s going to be fun, I promise!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Intro 5: Meet the valuer – traditional expertise

Thank you for choosing [Your Estate Agency Name] as your trusted partner for the valuation of your property.  My name is X and I am an expert valuer with over X years in property. The upcoming market appraisal will allow me to analyse your property thoroughly and provide you with accurate insights into its value.

As one of the most experienced agencies in the UK, [Your Estate Agency Name] has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Our dedication to our clients is evident in the outstanding results we achieve in property sales. In fact, the majority of properties listed with us sell within 4 weeks or less, making us a preferred choice for sellers seeking a swift and successful transaction.

I look forward to explaining more when we meet.

Intro 6: Meet the valuer -super short and sweet 

“Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been a valuer with agency X for 12 years. I can’t wait to see your property soon! If you have any questions, contact us on the main office number – 01245 676 688. See you soon!”

Pre market appraisal video – filming tips

Valuer videos are a great way to stand out from other agents and are a simple and effective way to offer something memorable to your clients.

By sending a meet the valuer video before a market appraisal, you have. a great way to connect with the homeowner.

We have covered what to say and some examples – but are there any extra tips for filming?

Be Authentic and Genuine

When creating pre-market appraisal videos, be authentic and genuine in your presentation. Speak confidently and naturally – as if in person. While you may just be introducing yourself, you are also subtly showcasing your expertise and knowledge.

“Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been a valuer with agency X for 12 years. I can’t wait to see your property soon!”

Authenticity helps build trust with potential clients, who are more likely to choose you for their appraisal needs if they feel a personal connection with you and trust in your skills.

Plan Your Content

Before recording your pre-market appraisal video, outline the key points you want to cover about your agency and how you will introduce yourself.  Do you have a number or email memorised for them to reach you if they have questions?

Will you simply say hello, or tell them the plan for the appraisal?

Having a clear plan will ensure your video is focused and informative and far easier to film.

Pay Attention to Video Quality

A great video doesn’t have to be studio lit.  Shooting from a smartphone can feel organic and natural and the quality of modern devices makes this a great option if you are on a budget – but you may want to invest in a smartphone tripod. If you have more budget, a high-definition camera or an external microphone, to ensure clear visuals and sound is a good choice, or speak to a video provider. We recommend our partner, PVS Media.

Keep it Concise and Engaging

Pre-market appraisal videos should be concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary tangents and keep the video focused on what to expect, your agency USPs or more about you as a valuer.

Expect to edit!

Editing out any long pauses will help maintain a viewer’s interest and make it slicker – we all say ‘uh’ and ‘erm’. If you notice you’ve gone off track, don’t stop recording – just start talking again from the beginning of your script and then edit the finished video. If you are doing it yourself, you can do this from your phone.  (Open the Photos app and tap the video that you want to edit. Tap Edit. Move the sliders on both sides of the video timeline to change the start and stop times. To preview your trimmed video, tap the play button. Tap Done, then tap Save Video or Save Video as New Clip.)

Remember, the goal of your pre-market appraisal videos is to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the property market, and you can do this simply by being yourself!

What is the secret to creating great video content as an agent?

There is no one answer to this question, as what works for one estate agent may not work for another. However, there are a few tips that all agents can use to create more engaging videos for clients.

One of the most important things to remember when creating a video to a potential client is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else or second guess what a video should be. The client has already met you, so bring out your personality! Recall their names and those of their family, bring up questions and the things that were important to them.

  • When it comes to how to sit, consider headroom. Film-makers say you should normally leave about a centimetre or so from the head and the top of the frame. Otherwise, you may cut off the top of your head.
  • If you’re shooting outdoors, take the sun out of the equation. Shoot in the shade! If you shoot in direct sunlight, you will be squinting. Also, if you are using the sun as a main light source, the light will constantly be changing.
  • If you are indoors, although some vloggers have circle lights that make you think you need to sit with the light face on, it should really be slightly to the side of the camera. Lighting is usually done on a 3-point system. The camera is facing the person, and then the lights fit around that to chase the shadows (and double chins) away. The light is to the left or right of the camera. Without studio lights or even a basic light, it’s good to approach it like this. Find the natural light source in the room, a window or open a door. Turn off the main room light above their heads. Sit with the window on one side at an angle, then if you have a lamp move that around in front, left or right of the camera.
  • Using a tripod can also be helpful to keep your videos stable and in focus. However, if you’re starting out, just hold your smartphone steady, or place it on a table.
  • To film a video on your smartphone, try to align your camera with the top of your head, and remember that you should be facing the light source.
  • Be sure to keep your videos short and sweet! The ideal length is around two minutes.
  • A real wow moment comes when you can include footage of the inside and outside of the home, which is why filming outside the property is so exciting and unique. It’s shareable and feels really personalised.

Including a call to action at the end of your video is also essential. This could be as simple as telling the potential client to view the proposal or to come back to you with any questions that same day.

Want to try personalised agent videos for youself? Speak to us today!