Whitepaper: Creating instruction winning proposals

• By acaboom-admin on June 7th, 2024 •

Stats show that when selling a home, clients will speak to an average of 4 agents. You need to be able to make a great first If you’re an estate agent, then you’ll know the importance of having great marketing materials for after the appraisal and going digital with a complete marketing proposal is the way forward.

After all, relying on a verbal or email-delivered valuation isn’t the best impression to give. Clients want to feel well catered to, and special and that you are invested in going the extra mile with how you present yourself.

Studies have shown that people remember 80% of what they see, as opposed to 20% of what they read. This means that using images, graphics and even short videos in your proposal can help make a lasting impression on potential clients.

We show you how that’s done.