Lead nurturing: The whitepaper

Lead nurturing is the art of building and maintaining customer relationships through marketing and communication. 

The goal of any successful lead nurturing activity is to move clients down the sales funnel until they’re ready to instruct, even if they’ve already instructed another agency. 

The facts are: 

  • It’s unlikely for prospective clients to instruct that same week
  • Delays are natural. Prospects often want to discuss the situation with family and friends
  • It’s hard to keep on top of all your warm leads manually. 
  • Sometimes, other agents steal or secure the instruction 


That’s why lead nurturing is so crucial. 


  • Great nurturing keeps clients interested in the process and aware of their potential gains. After the rush of excitement of a few market appraisals, you can reinvigorate them. 
  • Listings go back on the market often.  Sales fall through for many reasons – surveys, buyer financial issues, change of heart, or problems further up the chain, to name just a few. Clients will remember you and may instruct the second time around. 
  • Not only will clients remember you, but they will also recommend you. Lead nurturing can contribute to additional leads. 

Learn the distinction between short and long-term nurturing, what tools you need to do it effectively and what to never do.

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