Market Update Reports

Market Update Reports leverage local market data to maintain engagement with clients beyond the initial appraisal, providing valuable information on new properties, price changes, and recently sold properties that are relevant to them

Not using this feature? 


By regularly sending market update reports to clients, you can ensure that your agency remains at the forefront of their minds. This ongoing engagement increases the likelihood of winning their instruction in the future, even if they initially choose a competitor or are not yet ready to make a decision. Maybe you are sending generic updates as and when? You could also be missing out on a chance to show that you are on top of changes in the local market. The power of local market data allows you to provide clients with meaningful insights. You demonstrate your expertise and keep clients informed about relevant market trends by showcasing new properties in their area, price fluctuations, and recently sold properties that directly affect them.

Key benefits:

  • By consistently sending market update reports, you maintain an active and continuous connection with your clients, reinforcing your presence and building trust over time.
  • The impressive unsubscribe rate of less than 1% after 12 months indicates that clients find value in the market update reports. This means that the reports are well-received and serve as a platform for ongoing communication, maximizing your chances of winning their instruction.
  •  Market update reports offer a smart way to engage with your entire client database, not just those who are actively in the market. By providing valuable information and keeping clients informed, you cultivate a positive relationship and position yourself as a trusted resource.

Let’s get you started!

To see what is set for the Market Update Report,  start by clicking on your office name on the top right hand side and choose My Preferences:

You will see a list of topics on the left, scroll down to reach ‘Market Update Reports’ and click on it.

Click on the setting to see the following options:

You can ensure that the MUR is switched on, plus amend the interval and period for when it is sent.

Click ‘save’ to activate