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Acaboom helps a valuer convert more valuations than ever before

• By admin-account on May 15th, 2018 •

A client today sent over a copy of their recent valuers monthly meeting minutes. Within those was the following comment (…it’s obviously a private item and therefore we’ve removed company and location/office references):

“Richard in [town] has entirely embraced the Acaboom system and has pushed his ‘in month’ conversion rate up to 59.64% in April, from 37.31% in January 2018 and a previous best of 52.3% in February 2018.”

The director chairing the meeting met with Richard afterwards to ascertain exactly how he was using Acaboom. His subsequent minutes state:

“I met up with Richard from [town] this morning to get a handle on how he is using Acaboom with a view to evaluating how we are achieving the exceptional results in [town].  The following summarises my findings:

  • Richard has trained his Negotiators to;
       – Use Acaboom on every MA (Market Appraisal)
  • All MAs are therefore:
       – Having a consistent approach & process
       – In Acaboom and available for easy follow-up based on the real-time-date provided 
  • All [town] MAs benefit from an introduction to Richard prior to appointment and the presentation. (An exceptional customer experience)
  • Richard decides if and what aspects of the MA presentation are appropriate on the MA, using his own pitch and style complimented if necessary by the presentation; the comparable evidence part of the presentation is always used! Obviusly he is using the Acaboom App on the iPad at this stage.
  • All MAs get the post MA presentations emailed.
  • Richard always uses the Acaboom follow system.
  • A fantastic selling point is that Richard sets the comparable evidence update report, whereby failed MAs and listings get a weekly, fortnightly or monthly update of new similar properties that have come on the market, sold, withdrawn or reduce their price automatically. In view of this report going to failed MAs and listings this is a fantastic USP that no other agent offers. ‘We keep you updated of comparable market activity whilst we are selling your property’ a great talking point for vendor contact.
  • Richard says the kit, i.e. the iPad and Acaboom has changed and improved the way he works, given him a structure, a far better failed MA follow up process that he can do on the fly in-between appointments saving time and increasing productivity.”


All we can say is …thank-you Richard for embracing Acaboom.