Acaboom and Yomdel are now integrated!

• By on January 21st, 2021 •

Acaboom, the industry’s leading market appraisal solution, has integrated the 24/7 Live Chat service from Yomdel, to make their client presentations fully interactive.

The Problem

Delivering brilliant pre-appointment, on appointment and post-appointment presentations to prospective clients is the first step on the way to winning instructions.

Being available afterwards, when you are no longer in front of the client can be challenging, especially at the moment the client has a question.

If it’s an evening or weekend, or you’re busy with other customers, how do you ensure you don’t miss that moment of truth, and risk disappointing your prospect?

Perhaps it’s 9pm, the evening after you met, and your prospective client is reading their presentation and very much heading towards instructing you. But, they have a quick question to ask. How do you offer instant response, matching or beating your competitor?

Together, Yomdel and Acaboom have the answer.

The Solution

Acaboom now embed ‘Direct to Chat’ links from Yomdel, into their client presentations. So just like within any other interactive, online presentation, your client can click on the link (anytime day or night) and instantly access the Yomdel Live Chat service.

Property trained Live Chat agents can immediately answer virtually any question the customer will have, or will delight the customer by providing a commitment on your behalf to follow-up rapidly. And that’s what customers want most – great service, commitment and high quality care.

Combining the power of Acaboom’s professional, digital presentations that can be used during market appraisals and sent after a valuation, with Yomdel’s 24/7 instant, online query response, agents can add another crucial layer of connectivity between themselves and their customers.

Yomdel can even provide QR codes, for placement in printed version of presentations, so a customer can launch the chat facility using their smartphone camera!

Brian Farrell, MD of Acaboom said of the integration:

“All the stats we have and the experience leads us to understand that the agents that win instructions are there when the customer is in a decision making mindset. We believe Yomdel is such a powerful tool to ensure that connection doesn’t end during the appraisal and this is why we are thrilled with the integration.”

Andy Soloman, Founder & CEO of Yomdel adds:

“Yomdel’s 24/7 Live Chat offers an exceptional customer experience, used by many award winning agents now also choosing to use Acaboom. Working together with this integration is great for agents who understand that outstanding customer service wins business.”


A client of both Acaboom and Yomdel, Nick Neill, MD of EweMove states that they have also seen an increase in positive customer engagement since using the Yomdel chat function within Acaboom presentations.

“As an early adopter of live chat with Yomdel, and having built our brand reputation on 24/7/365 availability, we know chat alone on our webpage is critical to developing customer engagement – at a point the customer is willing to take action.

In deploying the Acaboom tool a few years ago, we found this too had a significant impact as we ‘were there’ in a customer’s front room, right at the point they wanted to make a decision about which agent to choose.

And in combining these two customer focussed tools into one application is fantastic, as it’s all about making the customer journey simple and as easy as possible for them to buy from you.  In such a crowded and confusing market place, customers often fall back on the simplest and lowest friction route to getting what they want, and this combination provides that confidence-inspiring simplicity.”

Client of both services, Thomas Morris, was one of the first users of the new integrated presentation chat function and has been wowed by the results.

“It’s the best way to connect, day or night. We are finding that we are getting more chat engagement outside of core hours that we otherwise may not have had.

In terms of usability, the tech has been seamless. We have had full support but were connected between the two services so quickly. Our agents love the chat function, which, when combined with the ‘instruct us now’ button for Acaboom, works perfectly.”