Acaboom now integrated with SME

• By on July 19th, 2022 •


Acaboom now has an integration with SME that is available to all eligible clients.  

We have integrated with SME and the two systems have been designed to work harmoniously, so you can have a seamless journey from booking a market appraisal in SME to delivering it with Acaboom!

There’s no need to enter Market Appraisal appointment data such as client name, address, contact details, appointment date and time, etc into Acaboom. Instead, when a Market Appraisal is booked in SME the appointment details are sent to Acaboom, and the Pre-Appointment presentation is automatically sent to the homeowner. Not only that, but the main presentation is created, ready for the valuer to add comparables and other information.

We are working on a lettings integration which will be coming soon!

You can find more details on the SME site here. 

To enable the integration as a user of SME, please talk to us today.