NEW: Acaboom and Rezi Premium Integration

• By on July 6th, 2021 •

Rezi Premium customers now have access to Acaboom from within their CRM and we are delighted to offer this tie in service.

Acaboom offers a huge range of features in the market appraisal toolkit, including pre appointment presentations, interactive presentations, digital proposals, notifications through an app, as well as AcaSign eSignatures and lead nurturing.

By covering the whole journey of the appraisal, no stone is left unturned, and vendors and valuers alike love the seamless, digital experience. No more paperwork, rushing back to the office or missing a chance to impress. You can work smarter, not harder.

Agents using Rezi can now team together the two powerful functions to save time, by automating a great customer experience!

How it works for agents

Agents are busier than ever and stock is a key issue right now. Focusing on the right technology is key to maximising opportunities. Only 7% of vendors instruct on the same day as the market appraisal; this means it’s paramount to ensure your sales pitching efforts are not impressive before and during the appointment but are absolutely exceptionally afterwards as well.

By building trust with a pre appointment presentation, delivering relevant comparables and data at the appraisal, and then sending a digitally engaging and visually impressive marketing proposal followed by ongoing nurturing content, Acaboom clients have the clear advantage. It’s a complete process that’s all part of the new evolution of the market appraisal.

How it will change your working day

The Rezi/Acaboom integration means booked market appraisal details are automatically sent to Acaboom where the pre appointment presentation, to include valuer introduction, is automatically sent to the homeowner via email and SMS. The client’s personalised presentation is then automatically created ready for the valuer to quickly add chosen on-market and sold comparables, along with any other supporting data/information deemed to add further value.

Watch the video here 

And, because you can have widgets in Rezi, an Acaboom dashboard will show events from your properties in one place as milestones. Want to see at a glance if all your vendors have received their interactive proposal? It’s there at a glance, so you never miss a chance to make a great impression.


If you’d like to connect Rezi and Acaboom, then touch base with Dezrez to be set up.

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