Photo Slider

Do you want to present your photography in a unique and engaging manner that leaves a lasting impression on your clients? With Acaboom’s Before & After Photo Slider feature, you can showcase the transformation and improvements your photography provides by allowing clients to compare two photos side-by-side using a slide bar. This modern and interactive tool enhances client engagement and creates a memorable experience that sets you apart.


Not using this feature? 

If you’re still relying on static images to showcase your photography, you’re missing out on an opportunity to captivate your clients and highlight the impact of your work. The Before & After Photo Slider offers a dynamic and visually appealing way to demonstrate the difference your photography can make.

Key benefits:

  • Present the transformation of a property or space in a visually stunning way. By displaying two photos side-by-side, clients can easily compare the “before” and “after” views using a slide bar. This interactive experience allows them to appreciate the improvements and highlights the value your photography brings to the marketing process.
  • The touch and swipe functionality of the Before & After Photo Slider creates an engaging user experience for clients on both desktop and mobile devices. They can actively participate in exploring the photos, making it a memorable and interactive moment during and after the market appraisal. This engagement increases their involvement and connection with the property, enhancing their decision-making process.
  • Acaboom allows you to customise the Before & After Photo Slider with your brand’s colours, ensuring consistency and reinforcing your agency’s identity. By incorporating your brand’s visual elements, you create a cohesive and professional presentation that aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

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