Pre-appointment presentation

Acaboom allows you to send a presentation digitally before the market appraisal introducing the valuer and your agency. You can also track when it’s opened, and also remind clients to read it. It can include valuer videos, key sales messages, an introduction to the process and what will happen on the day of the market appraisal.

Not using this feature? 

You’re likely not making the very best possible strong first impression, which may decrease your chances of winning the instruction and there’s a correlation between not sending a presentation and cancellations. If you are sending videos, sharing presentations and other material manually e.g. via email, you may also not be able to see when it’s being read. There’s also a good chance you’re not showing your key USPs – which means more pressure on the day.

By getting key sales messages in early on, you warm up clients and take the pressure off the ‘performance on the day’.

Key benefits: 

  • Differentiate yourself from the start and create a powerful first impression. With the power of visuals combined with video and your USPs, have the client wanting to instruct you before you even arrive at the market appraisal.
  • This feature is proven to reduce cancellation rates as it increases personal engagement.
  • Ensure the client understands what to expect and all common questions are answered automatically.

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