We offer a range of packages to suit all business types including business start ups, franchisees, self employed agents and enterprise clients, please contact us for a bespoke proposal. Here is our price list that suits most established businesses.The Acaboom service charge consists of two parts: the monthly subscription and initial setup costs.

Part 1

Monthly subscription

Main office subscription

Subsequent office subscriptions

This includes all aspects of your market appraisal toolkit and ongoing support. The subscription includes:

Part 2

Setup with a one-off fee

We have a range of highly customisable packages with options to suit everyone, from start up businesses to large enterprise networks. Furthermore, you can make use of add-ons to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Business start up packages start from £225, please enquire.
Our most popular option for established businesses:
The Business Package
Starts at £925

This fee covers your first toolkit which could be used for sales, lettings or any other subject.

Additional toolkits to cover a second subject start at £730.

Toolkit packages include an allocation of project hours, which cover copywriters, project managers, and the design and build team. Starter templates provide a selection of pre-designed slides that cater for your own text and images to be added.

Add ons

Branch personalisation required for multiple or additional offices

Localised content to suit each branch or account template.  Includes the build and training and creation of the additional valuer profiles

Standard animation utilised from Acaboom’s animation library – view library here

Choose an animation from our library and we will personalise it for you

Additional slide

This smart tool lets you compare two photos side-by-side using a slide bar to reveal the improvements your photography provides

Before & after photo slider

This smart tool lets you compare two photos side-by-side using a slide bar to reveal the improvements your photography provides

Survey setup

Setup a bespoke survey within your pre appointment or proposal template to get client feedback

AcaSign e-signature setup

We can build your existing agreements into Acaboom to allow quick and easy instructions

Bespoke animation creation

We can design and create bespoke animations to suit you
£49 per hour

Bespoke design works to existing slides

If you require design changes to existing slides in your templates
£49 per hour

Additional valuer

Applies when you reach our fair usage policy of 3 valuers per account, this would apply to the forth and additional valuers
£25 per month

Mortgage calculator

This smart tool can entice clients to use your financial services or broker, showing how you add value over other agents. The calculator automatically calculates property values and mortgage payments – interest only and repayment – so clients can compare with alternatives they may have seen or quoted.