Property data

Tailor your digital presentation to include property data slides which are bespoke for your client’s property and immediate local area, featuring rich information like:

  • Sold cost per sq ft locally for a similar property
  • Rebuild costs
  • EPC rating
  • Flood risk assessment/rating
  • An interactive map showing planning permissions close to the property
  • Demographics of the local population
  • An interactive map showing local schools

Not using this feature? 

This feature shows that your have really done your research and know all about their property and the immediate area, helping you stand out from other agents.

Key benefits:

  • You present yourself as a true expert in the property market – and justify your fee.
  • By going beyond the standard reports other agents use, you give the client confidence in your understanding of the local area.
  • See when they look at the data after the market appraisal and use this as a way to follow up

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