Do you want to impress clients and save time? By sending a digital proposal immediately after the appraisal you can do just that. Acaboom’s digital proposal feature allows you to provide a personalised and comprehensive proposal to clients, complete with marketing strategies, fees, comparable properties, data slides, and even a personalised video message.

Not using this feature? 

If you are currently sending traditional paper-based valuation letters, you won’t be able to deliver the same level of convenience, personalisation, and impact as a digital proposal. You’re also likely to have a slower process where you wait for them to agree before even generating the paperwork. That’s a long chain with many points of failure. With Acaboom, you send one proposal, track when it’s opened, call at that moment and remind them to sign digitally. The whole process can be done on the same day as meeting them.

Don’t forget that a proposal also makes it really easy for people who weren’t at the appointment to see what you offer, and to ensure they get a flavour of what you do so they don’t just back the agent with the lowest fee.

Key benefits:

  • Sending a digital proposal after the market appraisal ensures a better client experience. Clients are impressed by the timely delivery and the ability to access the proposal immediately.
  • Digital proposals are 65% more likely to be remembered 72 hours later than standard valuation letters. By incorporating interactive elements such as videos, property data, before and after photo sliders, 360 property tours, and unique selling point slides, you capture clients’ attention and create a memorable brand moment for your agency.
  • By adding AcaSign, the integrated e-signature tool, all parties can sign the agreement within the digital proposal, eliminating the need to print or use a pen. This speeds up the instruction process, ensures a legally binding agreement is securely saved, and provides real-time notifications when clients have signed.

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