Reapit Push Integration

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement to our Reapit integration that will empower users of Reapit to take full control of pre-appointment communications; the ‘Acaboom Push’ app.

While our automated sync feature continues to work seamlessly, the ‘Acaboom Push’ app allows you to fine-tune your communication strategy like never before. With our upgraded integration, you can manually review and adjust your pre-appointment presentations before they are sent out.

Click here to watch a video on how it works. 

Here are some other key benefits.

📝 Customize Address Format

Tailor the address format to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your messages are perfectly aligned with your branding and client preferences.

🔄 Flexible Content Editing

Easily make real-time changes to your pre-appointment presentations. Whether you want to update valuer details or tweak the content of your messages, the power is in your hands.

🔌 Client Segmentation

Sometimes, certain clients may not require a pre-appointment presentation. With the ‘Acaboom Push’ app, you can effortlessly opt clients out, ensuring that your communication is always targeted and relevant.

👀 Preview Mode

We understand the importance of seeing what your clients will receive. The app allows you to review your pre-appointment presentation and the accompanying email before each send, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity for any last-minute adjustments.

🌐 The ‘Acaboom Push’ app can be used as a stand-alone tool or in tandem with our existing ‘Sync’ feature. This flexibility allows you to adapt your workflow to your unique needs.

We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated valuable features to make your integration experience even more seamless and user-friendly.

Get ready to take control of your pre-appointment communications with the ‘Acaboom Push’ app.

For more information or to get started, please contact our support team or your account manager.