You can ensure clients get reminders to view their pre-appointment presentation or proposal if they haven’t already done so within 2 days.  It’s another great touchpoint, and when you use this feature, you have the confidence that all efforts have been made to keep your client up to date.

Not using this feature? 

You’re potentially not maximising your chances of impressing your client before and after the appraisal.  By reminding them to view their presentation, which may include a survey or a chance to speak to you – you miss potential touch points. You also miss out on a simple (automated!) way to provide excellent service by showing that you are a proactive agency. By turning on pre-appointment notifications, you start to build a rapport before you arrive at the door. When it comes to the proposal, it’s never been so key to remind them to view! This is a vital step towards winning the instruction whilst they may be seeing other agents. Remind them to take a look at your videos, rich data or other exciting information and to share it with other decision-makers.

Key benefits: 

  • A customisable, polite reminder helps you get the best engagement levels for all your hard work
  • It’s so simple to get started – you just set it and forget it!
  • By ensuring that clients engage with their pre-appointment presentation, you enhance your chances of success at the meeting itself.
  • Reminding them of their proposal ensures you are confident you are doing all you can to win the instruction.

Let’s get you started!

To set reminders, start by clicking on your office name on the top right hand side and choose My Preferences:


You will see a list of topics on the left, scroll down to reach ‘Not yet viewed Client Reminders’ and click on it.

Click to on the reminders for the pre-appointment and proposal followed by ‘save’: