The best investment we made this year We have been blown away with the whole process of Acaboom. The initial sales pitch from Suzanna had us sign up immediately, Maria did an unbelievable job of managing our onboarding and since using the software we have found our processes are easier and clients (and staff!) are super impressed. It even integrates with our CRM. We are now looking at integrating this into our other brands.
Megan Eighteen
Brilliant product that allows us to deliver presentations to potential and current clients that has increased our conversion rate on listings and in so completions. Adding real value to the business. It is winner in the eyes of new employees as well who’s have moved from a non progressive archaic agents to ourselves
Simon Woodcock
Robinson Michael & Jackson
It was the first supplier we used and one of the best tools still today.
Katie Darlow
Number One
We have received the best service from this company They cant do enough - so helpful, always happy to offer extra help, support and training for the team.
Gemma Myring
Listings are the life blood of agency and this software gives our company an advantage in this very competitive market.
Daffyd Hardy
Daffyd Hardy
Firstly and most importantly the product is excellent, simple to use and it has enabled us to produce far more professional and comprehensive presentations simply and quickly The fact that Acaboom then integrated with our software provider just enhanced the product even more. The feedback received from clients about our presentations is always very positive and I believe has helped us win instructions and therefore provide a tangible ROI. The fact that our presentations can be tailored to our needs and amended to reflect changes in market conditions or our own marketing when we need it is equally important. When we have requested amendments these have been done with minimum of fuss and the support and design teams are always friendly and in our opinion go above and beyond to solve problems and ensure we are satisfied. Acaboom in our opinion is the one piece of Proptech we would not be without but to be honest we would prefer to keep this comment quiet as Acaboom continues to help differentiate us from our competitors.
Steve Wiggins
Bond Residential
A really easy and impressive platform to use
Richard Hedges
Jackie Oliver
We have been using Acaboom for a few months now and its great, its easy to use and really allows us to showcase our company and our services and make the right impression from start to finish with prospective new clients.
Gemma Collins
Kings Estates
One of the best pieces of prop tech I have use. Lovely people to work with, great product and excellent customer service.
Tim Cattini
Martin & Co
Been Working with Acaboom for many years and always found them a pleasure to work with. A special mention must be made to Emily who's customer service is outstanding and she has a thorough understanding of our industry.
Galley properties
Excellent product and support Emily and the team at Acaboom have been so easy to get on with. On going support with monthly catch ups and the presentation enables us to get our message across without it looking all too corporate. Gives the client as great customer journey with lots of updates and information. Definitely not recommended for the competition in my patch!!!!
Simon Miller
Holroyd miller
Acaboom certainly has helped us to stand out from our competitors. Our clients see this service as very professional and love the regular updates provided through the automated weekly reports. The staff are also always more than happy to help with any query we have. Stand out performer is Emily our account Manager a proper superstar. Emilys service has been off the chart ! THANKYOU !!!
Ian Williams
Williams & Donovan
Having a tool which constantly puts your brand in front of the customer supports both pre and post valuations like no other product can.
Joe Robinson
Butler & Stag
I love the way that Acaboom is continuously improving the the product and listens to any requests that we have. We find it invaluable! Satisfaction of knowing presentation has been viewed and when client views- proof of engagement.
Gareth Ashington
Ashington Paige
A must for any progressive agents with a positive success story to tell. Great tool to get the strong Bradleys marketing messages and sales success across to prospective clients and as an easy follow up mechanism.
Lyndon Bent
Fantastic follow up tool! We’ve been using Acaboom for over a year now and has certainly made a material difference. We’ve found it to be a fantastic tool to use straight after a valuation, but also as a long term method of staying in contact with vendors. Highly recommend to busy agents who need that instant follow up.
Simon Etson
Drivers & Norris
Acaboom has provided us with an innovative way to visually show our clients why we feel they should use us above any other agent. It differentiates us from our competition and also opens the door to immediate e-mail communication with our potential vendors, many of whom would not respond to a phone call. The weekly market update reports Acaboom automatically sends to each client, have proved helpful in three ways. The first is that it keeps us in the forefront of client’s minds when they are still deciding who to go on the market with. Secondly, If an instruction is lost to a competitor it becomes a natural way that our brand is kept in front of them, and thirdly, when we do win the instruction it proves helpful in keeping the client regularly updated re pricing and where their property sits accordingly.
Paul Prokopiou
The Frost Parternship
The fact we can track opens, the abilty to keep in touch with relevant info using market reports and its simplicity.
Leader Fox
Great software, its not just the appt confirmation its the comparables it pulls in from both properties that are on the market and properties that have sold. To be able to show a client those comps and go through them in detail has made my valuations more accurate and thus I have been able to achieve a quicker sale.
Stephen Grace
Always at the end of the phone to answer questions, highly recommend!
Luke Kenchington
Mather Partnership
Worth the money
Sam Smith
Great product and wonderful service from Beth in particular.
Daniel Young
Been using Acaboom for over a month now and really pleased with the platform. Its very user friendly and looks very impressive. The service has also been very professional.
Oliver Robins
Acaboom is fantastic! I personally think Acaboom is fantastic, it's so easy to use and helps me to follow up on valuations/stay in touch better. Had some great feedback on the valuer bio too - one lady commented she felt more at ease about her dog being in the house because my bio says I love pets!
Charlotte Foden
A great product! I have been using Acaboom since January now and have been very impressed with the onboarding as well as the follow up and engagement with the team. Recent integration with Sprift has been great and the team have quickly incorporated this and given us training too. This is simply winning me business as well as enabling us to have a clear follow up after valuations. An invaluable offering for us now.
Katie Griffin
Sawdye & Harris
Changed the way we prepare for and conduct appraisals. Where to start. Well firstly Acaboom has completely changed the way we prepare for and conduct appraisals. The slick pre-appointment presentation has been a hit with clients and has helped us stand out even before stepping over the threshold. Where other agents are all sending the same old follow up letter our post appointment presentation allows the owners to interact with our marketing and engages them more with our brand and culture. The best part for us is we can see when a client is viewing their report so it allows us to jump in and call the client when they are looking at making that decision on who to instruct!
Alex Buchanan
Archer & Co
Excellent Customer Service. Suzanna and her team are truly outstanding, always looking to improve their product and their platform which is outstanding for my team.
Peter Lawrence
Lawrence Rand
BEFORE I SAW ACABOOM I THOUGHT WE WERE DOING ALRIGHT I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to open a presentation from Acaboom and I'm so pleased I did. When I saw what a competitor was sending out, it blew me away. It's that good!
Mike Ellis
Ellis Winters & Co
Great product! The best new product that has come into the market place in years! Myself and the team love it and it has certainly improved our conversion rate.
Steven Harvey
A fab tool that adds real value I just wanted to take a moment to thank Acaboom for the support and help they have provided us with during our 1st year partnering with them. In our opinion this a fab tool that adds real value to the service we are now able to offer clients, allowing us to be seen as tech friendly and from the clients perspective - interested enough to stay in continuous contact but in a useful and non intrusive manner, giving us ultimately a clear differentiating edge over our less tech savvy competition. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
Austen Gray
A Real Asset! We have been using Acaboom for the last few years and it really is an excellent tool. It really helps us stand out in our pitch to new customers and gives them all the data and info right at their fingertips to see as often as they would like, greatly helping towards conversion.
Tom Lakin
Woolley & Parks
High recommend Acaboom (but tell too many agents!) It is early days as have only been using Acaboom for a few weeks, but in this time it has already created a better more informed and professional image to our customers. It has also allowed us to speak directly to seller not present at the face to face meeting by way of the integrated personal video presentation. Most of all - I have already received additional instructions of properties to sell, directly because of Acaboom - well done guys.
Lawrence Taylor
Taylor Robinson
Great product, we love the speed of presentation especially to be able to submit immediately after a market appraisal whilst in the car outside. Really good to be able to engage with clients in a timely fashion when they are most likely to be engaged without them feeling you are hassling them.
Dee Quealy
Quealy & Co
We love Acaboom here at Frank Schippers! Very easy to use and it means we have a consistent approach to both pre valuations and post valuation follow ups. Our clients are equally impressed and often mention the pre valuation email received when we carry out the valuation. Also great when we get notified when clients view it via the automated alerts. A real game changer!
Frank Schippers
Frank Schippers
Acaboom helps us to get ahead of the competition by enabling us to send out a tailored marketing presentation to potential clients shortly after the valuation. The early bird certainly catches the worm, and we have certainly seen an increase in instructions since using Acaboom . The presentations are stylish, easy to create and delivers brand awareness throughout. Potential clients get the presentations via email and text and Acaboom notifies us when they have viewed, prompting contact and more importantly communication between the potential client and ourselves. We also have a instruct us now tab, which enables clients to directly email their valuer with their confirmation to go ahead. The Acaboom software is super clever and any status change or price reduction to a comparable used within the presentation, the potential client receives a market update from us, promoting our brand again and again.
James Selliks
The valuers love it! For sales we have seen an increase in average fee by a staggering £482 against last year over the same period. Also increased our conversion rate in the first 3 months of using by 12%. Certainly pays for itself and the valuers love it!
Matt Nicol
Nicol & Co
The best prop tech around. A must have in any business that quotes. Fantastic product that’s sets you apart from the competitors.
James Gibbon
Durden & Hunt
Acaboom has been just excellent We input 120 old valuations on a Saturday afternoon and won 6 new instructions off the back off Acaboom by the Tuesday! Client feedback when using Acaboom has been just excellent and we are clearly winning instructions as a direct result of using it. We've had clients comment at the end of the valuation on what a great pitch we offered compared to others; we've also had positive comments back after emailing the presentation.
Darren Hole
It’s a clear instruction winner We recently went out to a property where 6 other agents had also conducted a valuation, so we knew we had some competition! Before going to the property we sent out the pre valuation presentation introducing our valuer which the owner loved, and sent out the presentation we used in the valuation after the appointment. Shortly after sending this, the owner instructed us to sell her property! When we asked her why she chose us, she said it was the communications we had sent out to her, all through Acaboom - it’s a clear instruction winner. We are delighted with the return from Acaboom, we have only used it 3 times and already it’s paid for itself!
Margaret Richardson
We have used Acaboom for years and always find it to be a great tool to help us win more instructions. Great system!
Lars Gooch
I really feel Acaboom is one of the best support products in our industry, we use it on every valuation. It’s professional, helps manage both valuations and client follow ups. The presentation looks really professional and sets us apart from competitors. I would highly recommend to anyone who is not in my area.
Kevin Scrupps
Pygott & Crone
I love Acaboom, it has been a game changer for me with conversations with owners before and after the valuation appointment. Definitely feel it has helped us stand out against the competition.

Falcon Property
Acaboom is an invaluable resource for conducting sales valuations in our locality. This sophisticated tool shows available properties, sales transactions, and comparative analyses for the property being appraised. Additionally, it offers clients regular status updates, highlighting any changes or new properties added to the market and comparing them with their own property. Overall, Acaboom affords a far more comprehensive and informative solution than simply presenting a Rightmove "Best Price Guide."

Infinity Property Solutions
We have always sought to differentiate ourselves from other estate agents. We typically are the most expensive in the area, but also the most successful. The Acaboom presentations help us underline the differences.
Richard Sutton
Davis Tate
The Acaboom team area great. We have always had an enjoyable yet professional experience with them over the years we have used their services. We feel it offers great value for money and adds great value to our business. We would definitely recommend their services (to any agent out of our area ;) ).

Anderton Bosonnet
We've used Acaboom since we opened in 2017. All their team are very friendly and efficient. The product works very well for us. We feel it sets us apart from the competition and makes our presentations look very professional.

Very professional looking market appraisals. Easy to add comparables. Very quick to send out valuations!

Wooster and Stock
Great tool to help make us stand out from old school agents. Clients love the reports and helps us clearly demonstrate the key areas of difference
Lee Armstrong
Fine & Country
Acaboom is a very effective tool for winning valuations, it sets our agency above the rest in our local area and definitely plays a part in our success.
Cian Fox
Oakfield Property
A very professional tool putting us steps ahead of our competitors

Unique Estate Agency
Fantastic tool for valuations and makes us stand out from others. I find it is really engaging with clients.

Parkers Properties
A fantastic way to present to our potential sellers and having the ability to be able to know when to follow up consistently.
James Maccue
AP Morgan
Acaboom demonstrates we are different. In a world where most vendors believe agents are all the same, proving that this is not the case is crucial.
Steve Thompson
Thomas Morris
Professional presentation, it adds professionalism, and consistency.

Roseberry Newhouse
Great way to show vendors what we do and what we can offer them. It's an informative presentation but not over powering so you want to keep reading.
Ciara Evans
Hilton King & Locke