The app

The Acaboom In Your Pocket app is designed to assist real estate agents in winning instructions and improving their efficiency by providing timely notifications, pre-appointment information, custom presentations, and quick sharing of marketing proposals.

Not using this feature?

You’re missing out on prospect engagement. The app sends agents a notification each time a prospect views their marketing proposal, allowing you to follow up at the right time and increase your chances of being instructed. Without the app, you aren’t as quick off the draw. You might also be wasting time working in other traditional ways. The app eliminates the need for agents to return to the office to print documents, gather reports, and prepare for meetings and valuations, saving valuable time that can be better utilised for productive tasks. You could also be missing out on important insights before an appointment. The app automatically receives pre-appointment information, including client insight reports from social media, Google Street View, and historic sale data, providing you with valuable knowledge to build stronger relationships with homeowners.

Key benefits:

  • By promptly following up with prospects who are viewing their marketing proposals, you have a better chance of winning instructions and securing more business.
  • The app streamlines various tasks such as document preparation, report gathering, and custom presentation sharing, enabling you to accomplish them quickly and easily, even while on the move.
  • The extra features, such as a way of shooting personalised video messages from your phone and sending them directly through the app allow you to further establish your suitability and build stronger connections with potential clients.

Let’s get you started!

Adding a personalised valuer video in the app 

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