Valuer Introduction Video

You can include your own video within your pre-appointment presentation to help clients understand you and your expertise before they even see you in person. You might explain what happens at the market appraisal, or greet them and talk about your qualifications, local knowledge or team.

Not using this feature? 

You’re likely not showcasing your unique qualities and expertise before the appointment, which may put you on an equal footing with other agents. If you aren’t using video, you also aren’t fully showing how digitally savvy you are and that may let you down. Finally, but of equal importance is the need to show you value how the vendor feels. There may be safety concerns from some homeowners about who is arriving. Even photos may not show the ‘whole truth’ of who someone is!  By sharing video, you are able to earn their trust. This may reduce cancellations.

Key benefits: 

  • Remember that anything you can do that will set yourself apart from other agents will increase the chances of winning the instruction and not seeing fees as the most important factor.
  • Valuer videos are relatively new and an untapped way to show a point of difference – and they can be done without any extra cost.
  • You can shoot a video from a smartphone or in your office on a low cost tripod. It’s so simple to do, and you can future proof them too.
  • Unlike a high production value video, if valuers change or leave, you can easily reshoot a video. In fact, you can update your videos at any time without any cost to rebuild your Acaboom presentation!

Let’s get you started!

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